Privacy Policy

Information on data protection

The protection of your privacy rights in the processing of personal data is an important concern to Volkswagen Truck & Bus. We process personal data which are collected when our website is visited in accordance with the statutory provisions of the country in which the body responsible for processing the data has its legal domicile.

  1. Collection of anonymous usage data

When you visit our website, our web servers store as standard the IP address and the domain from which access is obtained, the date and time of the visit, the website which you visit with us, and technical information on the visit (http method, http version, http status code, length of the transmitted data, browser used).

  1. Collection and processing of personal data

Personal data will only be collected if you make these data available of your own accord, for example within the framework of a registration, a survey or a sales promotion competition, or to implement a contract.

  1. Earmarking of use and passing on of personal data

Your personal data will only be used for the purpose for which you have entrusted these data to us. Furthermore, no personal data will be passed on to third parties. Such data will only be passed on to government/state institutions and authorities within the framework of mandatory national legal provisions. Our employees have been bound by us to maintain secrecy and to protect personal data entrusted to us.

  1. Right to withdraw consent

If you have consented to the use of your data for the receipt of company and product information in one of our applications, you can revoke your respective consent again at any time with future effect.

  1. Right to information, right to correct

Volkswagen Truck & Bus will upon request notify you in writing whether and which personal data pertaining to you are stored by us. If, in spite of our best endeavours to ensure the correctness and actuality of the data, incorrect information is stored, we will correct this information after receiving appropriate written instruction to do so.

  1. Security

Volkswagen Truck & Bus uses technical and organisational security measures to protect your data so as to prevent accidental or deliberate tampering, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. Our security measures, such as data encryption for example, are regularly improved in line with technological developments.

  1. Links to websites of other providers

Our Innovation Day Microsite may contain links to websites of other providers. Volkswagen Truck & Bus satisfied itself at the time of establishing the link that the directly linked pages were free of illegal content. Volkswagen Truck & Bus however has no influence whatsoever on the content of the linked pages and is unable to monitor these pages on a regular basis. Volkswagen Truck & Bus therefore cannot be held liable for the content of the linked pages which have been changed since the creation of the link. This declaration concerning data privacy protection does not apply to the linked websites of other providers.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer and stored by your browser. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain any viruses. Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. You do, however, have the opportunity to deactivate this function in your browser. Volkswagen Truck & Bus uses cookies to make its offers more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. Our cookies do not contain any person-specific information. The cookies which we use are so-called “session cookies”. They are deleted automatically at the end of your visit. Naturally you can also view our website without cookies. This may however impair the function of our offers.

  1. Reservation

In order to keep apace with the continuous development of the internet, Volkswagen Truck & Bus shall be able at any time to adapt this declaration concerning data privacy protection while adhering to the provisions of data privacy protection legislation.

  1. Social plug-ins

In some areas of our website, so-called “social plug-ins” of social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, are used. The plugins can be identified by the logo of the respective social network.

As soon as you visit a website with an enabled social plug-in, your browser will establish, through the social plugin, a direct connection to the servers of the particular social network and transmit data regarding your visit to the social network. Even if you are not a member of one of the social networks, there is a possibility that, through the social plugin, such social network will find out certain data, such as your IP address, and perhaps save such data.

Therefore, the social plugins on our website are disabled by default. To use a social plugin, you must enable it by clicking on the corresponding button. As long as the social plugin is not enabled, no data will be transmitted to the social network. After activation, the social plugin connects to the servers of the social network, and will remain active until you disable it or delete your cookies (regarding this, see “Cookies”). With the activation, a direction connection with the server of the particular social network is established. The content of the social plugin is transmitted from the social network directly to your browser, which incorporates this into the visited website. As such, we have no influence on the scope of the data collected by the social plugin.

For more information regarding the purpose and scope of data collection along with the further processing and use of data by the respective social networks, your rights in this regard along with the setting options to protect your privacy, please refer to the notices regarding data protection of the social networks.

The following is a brief description of the social media plug-ins included on our site.


Twitter is a microblogging service of the U.S. company Twitter, Inc. (795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107). Through the Twitter button, your browser also establishes a direct connection to the servers of Twitter and loads the button from there. The information is transmitted to Twitter that the corresponding website was called. Even if you are not logged in, Twitter can collect and store usage data as required. If you click on the Twitter buttons and “tweet” via the opening Twitter window, you submit the tweeted information to Twitter. This information will be published in your Twitter user profile. For more information on data collection, analysis, and processing of your data by Twitter, as well as your rights related to this, please refer to